About us

We are a group of enthusiastic, technology lovers from around the world, we decided to get together in order to create all kinds of applications for Leap Motions.

    Meet our Team

    Neil Patel
    Andrew Parker

    Current Location: Saint Louis, Michigan, USA


    3D modeling and animation, concept design, photography, sound effects production, CNC mill and lathe operation and setup.
    Born in Minneapolis, I moved at a young age to Michigan where I grew up in the area surrounding Michigan State University. I had access to computers at a young age and soon I found out about computer games. In my high school years, I gained an interest in modifying the games I was playing. I started by creating maps for the game Counter-Strike using Valve's Hammer editor and slowly worked my way into learning 3D Studio Max, which I used to model aircraft and other vehicles to add into Battlefield 1942 and other games. I continued my hobby throughout my first college years where I studied automotive technology, but dropped out from lack of interest. Today, I work as a CNC mill and lathe operator in the aerospace industry and have re-enrolled in college with the hopes of obtaining an aerospace engineering degree. My game development skills have also grown, and I now use Blender and zBrush for the majority of my work. I continue to work on games as it is a creative escape from reality - the possibilites are endless.