About us

We are a group of enthusiastic, technology lovers from around the world, we decided to get together in order to create all kinds of applications for Leap Motions.

    Meet our Team

    Neil Patel
    Bert Duvoisin, D.O.

    10/20/1959 - Vicenza, Italy
    Currently living in Redding, California.


    Medical Informatics, Javascript, Processing, Animation, Indie filmmaking and anything else that allows me to use my creative side.
    Started with basic programming back when high schools were connected to university computers via teletype terminals. While doing my pre-med studies I continued to program for fun and started incorporating my love for computers into my medical career. After training to become an emergency physician our family moved to northern California where I’ve been practicing emergency medicine for 22 years. I have been the IT / Physician liaison for 15 years creating programs that help all providers to their jobs more efficiently. My ultimate career goal is to create a user interface for medical providers that is non-intrusive and allows them to concentrate on patient care rather than data entry. Our four children are out in the world pursuing their careers while my wife and I enjoy the peace and serenity of an empty nest.