About us

We are a group of enthusiastic, technology lovers from around the world, we decided to get together in order to create all kinds of applications for Leap Motions.

    Meet our Team

    Neil Patel
    James Blaha


    Almost 10 years of web freelancing using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP on a WAMP or LAMP stack using libraries I have developed myself so I can create websites quickly. I do design in photoshop. I have experience with Java, Clojure, Unity3d, Three.js, and SuperCollider. I use both Windows and Linux regularly. I am a producer/DJ and like to make techno music.
    BBorn in Indiana, in 1987 moved to Ohio then Michigan where I now live. Been playing with computers since I was born, started programming seriously in high school. Left college to co-found two web startup companies. I now do freelance work while working on projects which interest me, which include AI, gaming, music, design, astronomy, computer science, cryptography, horticulture, physics, and genetics.