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We are a group of enthusiastic, technology lovers from around the world, we decided to get together in order to create all kinds of applications for Leap Motions.

    Meet our Team

    Neil Patel
    Neil Patel

    Country - City: Houston, Texas


    Requirements analysis, Intermediate in VBA, Novice in Java, Visualization and Data Modeling, and it’s generally easy for me to pick up various technologies from design tools like the adobe creative suite to html5 and css.
    I’m currently working for a technology firm in houston as part of a visualization team. My current responsibilities include user experience and user interface design. I love being a designer and invoking my creative side. I have a varied interest from previous roles in the areas of: technology startup planning, development, data visualization, and strategic planning. I frequently play tennis throughout the week and hope to one day start a tennis camp to teach children how to develop their tennis skill- sets. I started my career in 2002 with a computer engineering degree from LSU. Subsequently, I worked on Wall Street as a technologist and then decided to come back to Louisiana for my MBA in strategic planning. Personally, Third Axis Labs is my shared playground for ideation, solution design, detailed design and a learning studio where me and my cohort of developers can share and learn from one another in a purpose driven environment.